The best casino vacation destinations

If you are looking for a smart way to combine both vacation and casinos, our little Top 10 of the best vacation destinations to play at the casino will be essential for you. We present to you 10 destinations that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant stay while allowing you to be able to play table games or slot machines in a very beautiful casino. Whether it is to lounge by the pools of sumptuous hotels, in the sun on the beach, to go diving or to abandon yourself for long hours in the hands of a sumptuous casino, you will find here several extraordinary destinations. to experience a better vacation in casinos!


The first vacation spot to discover is in Europe. This is the Principality of Monaco which has a unique universe due to its selectivity and its cosmopolitanism and which allows you to let yourself be taken by the exhilaration of the game in the most beautiful casinos in the world. Gathered in a perimeter of 200 meters in Monte-Carlo, these gaming establishments offer you to have fun and get drunk in an atmosphere where enthusiasm skilfully blends with the tension of the game. The gaming rooms located in these casinos are beautifully decorated with magnificent sculptures, colorful stained glass windows and unique allegorical paintings. These casinos, in the pure European tradition, invite you to play Roulette, Trente et Quarante or several thousand slot machines.

Las Vegas

Unmissable city of the game, it is our second position for this Top 10. Las Vegas is undoubtedly THE city where there are slot machines really everywhere! The most spectacular but also the most popular new casinos in Las Vegas are located along the main boulevard in the southern part of Las Vegas. Better known as the “Strip,” these establishments are all just minutes from the airport and each feature thousands of slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables. Each casino offers a swimming pool, several restaurants and many varied entertainment rooms. Some Strip Casinos even have spas or chapels for customers or tourists to get married.

Atlantic City

The third position of our Top 10 is indeed attributed to another famous city in the United States. Go to Atlantic City to discover its 12 casinos, each more famous than the last. One can easily compare this city to a flaming city to be consumed however in moderation. Described as the city where “anything is possible”, Atlantic City is in fact an upscale seaside resort of the 1920s. The city tried in fact to regain its prestige, lost after the Second World War, by legalizing “gambling”. Since that day, Atlantic City has become the favorite destination for gamers after Las Vegas, to indulge in chance and challenge the odds.

Atlantic City therefore hosts 12 casinos. It is for this reason that it is awarded second place as the gambling capital of the United States, particularly in terms of income from games, placing it suddenly behind its older sister Las Vegas. Among the most famous casinos in the world that will be accessible to you, you can find Atlantic City’s Bally’s and its more than 4000 slot machines which share the limelight with 200 gaming tables or the famous Caesars and the majestic Golden Nugget. which was recently awarded the AAA 4 Diamonds Award.